Our Holistic Solution

We integrate our knowledge and methodology to balance the three pillars of information security: People, Processes and Technology. This way, security is transparent to business and does not add risk to operations.



In Aligo we have a young spirit, and are open to new knowledge. We are dynamic, yet balanced. We protect against security threats by defending your corporate data.


It is our commitment and our challenge to provide information security without adding risk to business operations. We build simple and transparent relationships with all our clients.


Being a defender is putting quality knowledge at the service of our client and being an ally that is committed to security. We rise to the challenge in the face of information security threats to offer the best solutions for your organization.

How do we work?

Our methodology is based on the best security practices and standards, adapting them to the needs of your organization, so that we can offer modular solutions.


What do we do?

Our services and products strengthen the information security of your organization, by transparently reducing business risk without affecting operations.

We are your ally in three critical moments of information security:

We create the right solutions for the protection of your organization information